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Steel wire rope

Wire rope consists of one or more numbers of strands, laid spirally around one core of steel or fibre core. Generally, most widely used ropes are of six strands.

Wire rope consists of three basic components, while few in numbers, these vary in both complexity and configuration, which allow the production of rope for specific purposes or with specific characteristics.

The three basic components of a standard wire rope design are:

  • Wires (that form the strands)
  • The core
  • Multi-wire strand: laid helically around a core

The wire, for rope, is made from several materials such as steel, iron, and/or stainless steel. High Carbon steel is the most widely used material, available in a variety of grades, each of which has the properties related to the basic curve for steel wire rope. Wire rope manufacturers select a wire type which is most appropriate for the specific purpose of the finished product.


Wire rope nomenclature also defines the following:

Rope Description

  • Length
  • Size (diameter)
  • Preformed (pref) or non-preformed (non-pref)
  • Direction and type of lay
  • Finish
  • Grade of rope
  • Type of core